Finding a place of peace.


Sometimes finding peace is as simple as taking a walk in the desert, to change my perspective. What are ya all doing amid this Pandemonium? For myself, I had to find a new way of approach. I have recently left the social media platform; that is one way I’ve found to a place of peace, as much as I say I’m not going to get wrapped up in the drama, before I know it I’m wrapped up in the drama!

Doing rather than Being

I really did not notice how much time was rolled into social media. UGH! Seriously, folks, I feel I was an exception to the norm, yet even in my minimal time span on Social Media, it was still too much.

I really would like to have some dialogue on this, as I don’t know about you all, but much has changed in how I approach matters in life in this 2020 Pandemic. I feel the pull to get back to a simple approach in life. To pause and enjoy everything that was taken for granted before this Covid-19. I did not at all realize how busy I was doing nothing…

Sadly, I did not even realize how much peace was being neglected in the rush. I’m striving now to not only find peace in all this but to fully protect that peace. I have to see beyond the rush, beyond the fear, and beyond the drama.


Please don’t hear what I’m not saying. There is real stuff going on in all this, yet too many are engaged in fear, in Politics, in the conspiracy and in the crazy. I for one don’t want any of that. My biggest peace in all of this is stepping back, and finding my Vertical focus, a life of beauty and peace in the solitude.

So please take a moment after reading and give me your thoughts.

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