Beauty after the storm.

In the light of this Covid-19 pandemic. The world is turned upside down. Stay at home ordered Quarantine is in effect, we are to practice distancing ourselves. No groups larger than 10. All this is so bizarre. I have to step out of it all. I prefer always to find the silver lining, the beauty, the joy.

So I stepped out into the quiet morning, the sun just peeking in the horizon. Let me say, there is such a beauty in the desert after the rain’s. Everything is so fresh, and the colors seem to illuminate.

This brings me thought; “how like our heavenly Father to remind us, if we choose to look, that there is beauty, even in the desert”.

Perspective is everything. Choose to step beyond the crazy, the fear, and the news. Go for a walk, and look for something beautiful.

Beauty in the new day.

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