Covid-19 perspective in the making.

The sky itself seems eerie and infected this morning. The sun desiring to shine, through the clouded gloom.

Thus the state of the nation as of a few weeks ago.

Yet in my perspective, I see a glorious sunrise, peeking into new hope in new perspectives, in the new day.

This virus did not cause God to pause, or loose purpose.

Why ask why? Why not ask what are you showing us Lord? What should we learn in all of this?

We had family Home church yesterday. We read in Psalm 91, in Matthew 11:25-30, and Pilippians 4. We had beautiful discussion.

The passage in Psalm 91, so very prevalent “RIGHT” now. Even our daughter said wow, what caused you to read this! Smile…

The Word of God comes to life!

If I am a child of God, then I have nothing to fear, God himself said I’ve got this.

So then I ask again, what should we be Learning now?

Let us ponder…

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