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What is happening; some crazy mid-life awakening/ juncture? A proverbial unfolding display of what I liken to a growth spurt. It is rather hard to know for sure as all these many years have been formed in the milk stage. Now is the time for meat, some good old Steak and Potatoes. How do I chew?

So I’ve heard tell of men, and their mid life crisis. I never really believed it to be a real thing. YET; here I am a women, in midlife, finding myself in a major transition. Again the question is what is happening?

A few month back, our Pastor posed a question: “If you found yourself on a desert island, and all you had was the word of God (the Bible) what would church look like”? This question caused me to pause. Truly I found myself wondering why no one else seemed to take this question to heart? All of a sudden I found myself in a very precarious situation. This simple question was not at all finding a simple answer; this question shifted everything I’d ever thought of western church, and religion.

I must pause here and say: “I love my pastor and his family, I love my church, and I love the family of God found in those four walls.” The most beautiful people. So another thing I must announce here is: I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. Yet is announcing that fact, I was never okay with that fact. My Pastor challenged me to embrace that fact. He asked me what that looked like? OH Heavens; thus the transition begins.

Let me tell you all, this has felt truly uncomfortable. I have found myself many days full of frustration. Yet, I know that I never walk alone. The Lord walks with me, and is always molding each and everyone of us into a beautiful vessel, of His choosing.


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